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As a team, our goal is to make disciples in the Finisterre Mountains of Papua New Guinea. More specifically, we will learn a tribal language, develop a written language for the tribe, teach them how to read, translate the Bible, and teach them God’s Word in their language.

If you want to know why we love Jesus Christ and what the gospel is, please read here: the gospel.

If you would like to read more about what we will do, read below.

Here is the mission step by step:

Step 1: Train. In training, we took missions classes with Joey Tartaglia ( and Zach did pastoral training with our pastors at Grace Bible Church (

Step 2: Raise up supporters. We worked to raise funds for our start-up costs and monthly support as well. We need many people excited about what God is doing to come behind us and hold the ropes while we go down. Check out our “get involved” page here: get involved.

Step 3: Arrival in PNG and learning Tok Pisin. We first moved to the city of Madang to learn the trade language, Tok Pisin. Over the span of 4 months, our team strategized about what language groups to survey.

Step 4: Surveys of potential tribes. We spent 2 months hiking and flying throughout the Finisterre Mountains in search of potential tribes. We found two largely unreached people groups: Ndo and Yout. In early June of 2015, we chose to move into the Ndo language group in the village of Mawerero.

Step 5: Move into the tribe. After choosing to move into Mawerero, we spent nearly 6 months building two houses. We lived among the people during the various phases of the building project and developed some wonderful relationships with people from all over the Ndo language area.

Step 6: Learn their culture and language. As housebuilding came to an end, we began formal language learning. As a team, we want the gospel of Christ to be clear and personal. We will spend 2 years observing the tribe, trying to understand their culture, learning their language systematically, and growing in relationships with the people. We hope to complete this stage by the end of 2018.

Step 7: Pre-teaching Prep. We will then prepare to teach the tribe about the message of God’s word. We will 1) develop a literacy program to teach the people to read, 2) prepare lessons about the bible in their language (this is also where bible translation begins) and 3) continue to do everything we can to spark curiosity in the message of Jesus Christ. This step usually takes about 6-12 months.

Step 8: Teach through the bible. The years up to this point have not been unfruitful – the team now knows not only God’s word, but also the language and worldview of the people. We can now bring the word in a way that knowledgeably combats the current thinking and feeling of that specific tribe. We will teach from Genesis to the cross, almost daily for 6 months. This teaching allows the team to reveal the God of the word as creator, judge, and then redeemer. The people must see their need for a Savior! Please pray with our team, even now, that eyes would be opened to Jesus Christ as the sin-forgiver, wrath-remover, and righteousness-provider.

Step 9: Establish the church. If God wills, a church will be born in the tribe. Now our goal will be continually teaching through books in the New Testament, discipling men and women in their love of God and knowledge of him. We will work diligently to translate the New Testament and seek the Lord for which tribal men he might raise up to lead the church when the team leaves.

Step 10: Phase out. During each step, the goal is always to leave a church that is self-sustaining and that desires to preach God and his word to their neighboring tribes.

If you would like to give financially toward this work, you can find out more here: Get Involved 

3 thoughts on “the mission”

  1. Hi Mr.Cann, its sophia blumberg from veritas :). Even though i’ve only had you for one year, you’re my favorite teacher and I will miss you with a lot of other kids. And your mission is really strategic and very kind and it will make a very big improvement. I hope you and your family have a really great life there!

  2. Giving THANKS for the work that God has accomplished in you and through you. Praying HIS BLESSINGS for you and the TEAM for the New Year ahead. Praying for the completion of your homes and the housebuilding team in January, the ministry support needed, the joy of the LORD as your strength.

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