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“I will venture to go down, but remember that you must hold the ropes.” -William Carey, Missionary to India

Finisterre. It comes from the french words fin, meaning end, and terre, meaning earth. Put them together and you get: “The end of the earth.” As our family prepares to go to the Finisterre Mountains of Papua New Guinea (PNG), we look down into the ‘depths’ of the strange and foreign world before us and we are so thankful for those who go with us and for those who “hold the ropes” back at home.

“Rope holding” options:

PRAY: We are looking for people who are willing and committed to praying for us each month while we are away. If you are interested, please let us know here. We will be sending out periodic updates with prayer requests via email.

CONTACT: Send us emails, letters, or packages! If you have the time and/or the resources to do so, we love getting mail from home and hearing updates on life on the other side of the globe. From a postcard to a package, you can send just about anything to the address on our contact page.

GIVE: Our main financial need is for faithful monthly supporters. If you are interested in partnering with us, you can start giving any time. Our current need and ways to meet that need can be found on Finisterre Vision’s donation page at the following link:


If you are interested in training for reaching the many unreached tribes in the Finisterre Mountain range, we would encourage you to contact Joey Tartaglia at Finisterre Vision.

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  1. I Read your email today, and wanted you to know my heart felt sad for you to have this trouble, but also thankful that God knows those who are laying their lives down for others and WILL encourage, protect, and give you stamina to complete the work He has begun! “Be strong in The Lord, and in the power of His might”….And I could help but think of your ministry scripture from 2Cor. 4, “…that the power may be of God and not of us…” such a good reminder! prayers & blessings, Frankie

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