Visiting the Cold

Last week we returned from a two-week trip to visit family and supporting churches. First stop was Augusta, Kentucky where Zach’s extended family live. We spent five days with Zach’s brother and his family and got to enjoy Zach’s grandparents’ farm, see his cousin play high school basketball, visit an aquarium, and catch up with family we haven’t seen in many years. It was such a fun time!

Our gracious hosts, Zach’s grandparents:

Zach and his brother with two of their equally-as-tall cousins:
Fun with Zach’s Aunt Karen, watching high school basketball:
Visiting the Newport Aquarium:On the farm:

It DID blizzard the day we left, so we got out of there just in time. Our next stop was Greenville, South Carolina, to visit my Aunt Sandy, some sweet supporters David and Frankie, and speak about PNG to a small group bible study and the pastors of my aunt’s church.

Our sweet aunt, supporter, and host:

Sharing at the small group. (Clearly Jude is very interested in God’s work in PNG.):

Aunt Sandy took the boys on a date so we could go out for our anniversary:

Visiting with David and Frankie in their home. It is always a huge joy for us to meet people who have been praying for and supporting us, even though we had never met!:

There was a snow storm in Greenville the day we left there too! So we left and flew to Milwaukee for our final leg. We spent our time sledding, visiting Crossway Community Church – one of our faithful sending churches, and enjoying the hospitality of many sweet people there.

Mark and Gerlinde – our hosts and long time friends:

Brian and Karla – coordinators of our trip and diligent prayer partners:

Sledding pictures:

We SO enjoyed our trip!

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  1. Great photos! I held back tears looking at the supporters and thinking about how so many are giving and praying that the Ndo might come to know Jesus!

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