Visiting Orland

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post since arriving on furlough! I wanted to update you all, but since I am so behind on blogs, tonight I am posting about a trip we took a month ago.

We had the privilege of visiting Orland Evangelical Free Church in Orland, California. The missions committee at Orland had heard about our ministry and actually contacted us about support when we were already in Papua New Guinea. The church began supporting us and then sent two men to join our housebuilding team.

So this trip was a great opportunity to meet the pastor, attend and speak at the church, and reconnect with the men who helped build the house we live in. Zach was honored to preach at their Sunday morning service:

We also got to enjoy many sweet Christmas-y things at the Parkers’ home where we stayed. The boys decorated gingerbread houses for the first time:
And (this was a first even for Zach and me) we went with them to cut down their Christmas tree. Here are our two boys and the Parker’s two boys enjoying the view from the mountaintop:
Pete Parker cutting down the tree:

It was Oliver’s first time seeing snow:We also learned that Orland is a dairy town, so we visited a dairy. (Riding on the golf carts was a highlight.):

We had such a sweet time with the Parkers and the Whites, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Orland Evangelical and their pastor and his wife Anton and Marietjie.

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  1. What a blessing! Sweet memories. God is so faithful and blesses us with even more than we know to ask.

  2. So good to read of such wonderful supporters. So different to see a cold Christmas. Brisbane 31C!!
    Hope you are feeling refreshed.
    Love Louise

  3. Love translated in many languages…praying with thanksgiving for the celebrations to come soon on the 12th and the 15th. With you all in our hearts.

    Cleiton & Elly

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