Oliver’s Fourth Birthday

Sweet Oliver turned four years old yesterday. Since this was a travel week, he had three celebrations – family lunch, birthday dinner at the farm, and then dinner at Applebee’s on his actual birthday. We are so thankful to God that we get to be this little guy’s parents – he is tender, silly, tough, and loves to sing.

Here is the family lunch from last Sunday. All he seemed to really want for his birthday was a blue chocolate spaceship cake, and thanks to lots of help from Melissa Barbakoff he got one:

Then, on Thursday, Zach’s grandparents had a birthday party for Oliver at their farm. (They included Jude’s birthday since we won’t see them again on furlough.) It was a fun time with balloons and coconut cake and presents.

Then, due to icy roads, we ended up in a hotel the night before our flight out and had an impromptu dinner at Applebee’s. Oliver was more than a little shy about their loud and clappy birthday song. Here he is telling me what drink he wants:

All in all it was a great birthday – his first one in America. Here is his interview (at the airport):

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet Oliver! We miss you and your family! How was your special drink;)! May Jesus be your greatest treasure this coming year! Know you are loved,

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