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On August 9th we took our 3rd language check (of 4). We call them checks instead of tests because they really are designed to show us where we are at with the language. Our goal was to be 75 percent fluent with the Ndo language. Cassidy and I both felt we did not have a strong enough grasp of the language to meet that objective. And sure enough, after grading the various parts of the test, Joey said our current percentage is…

[[Insert drumroll here]]

85 Percent Fluency!!

Which means we only have 15 more percentage points to go before we’ll be ready to start preparing lessons for Bible teaching. Lord-willing, we’ll be close to finishing the final stage of language learning by the time we’re scheduled to head home on furlough.

Each language check consists of four parts: culture, grammar, comprehension, communication. The first two are written checks.

Going over the written check with my language helper, Gietine, and Joey (and Oliver too).


Joey adding up the final grades on our written language checks.

The second two are oral examinations where we have to hear (and understand) a story as well as communicate a story (and be understood)  in the language.

Thank you, Joey, for coming out to PNG for the second time in the last 5 months in order to help us with the language check, teach us how to start a literacy program, encourage us with your love for God, and spur us on with your vision for the spread of the Gospel in the Finisterre Mountains. We’ll be sad to see you go on Monday (August 14th).

It wasn’t all work and no play.

9 thoughts on “15 More”

  1. The kids have been saying how they want to hear you speak Ndo, so hearing the video of you speaking is such a treat! Praying!

  2. I loved hearing your wonderful voices and watching the hand gestures, as you told your stories — with the language helpers listening intently and nodding in understanding. Congratulations on your high percentages after the language checks!

  3. Wow! Is it possible that when you speak even us can understand Ndo?? Your sentiment telling the stories speaks volumes and we share the passion for this work. Love you both so much!

  4. Wow! Really cool. we loved the video. And I love the super cute cake. 🙂 What does yuka mean? And what were your stories about?

    1. “Yuka” is the Ndo word for language. Cassidy was telling a story about 9/11. I ended up telling three stories that day. The one in the video is about how I proposed to Cassidy. After that I explained how to vote in America. And then I told my first bible story (the story of Jospeh being sold into slavery)!

  5. It must’ve been so gratifying to know that you have come so far. And God is so good to provide Joey’s oversight and fellowship in Christ. May your hearts continue to be uplifted through the Word and the comforts of. the Holy Spirit.

  6. What a great video to show others. The time you have put into language is showing. Hurray!!! God’s message will be heard in the Ndo language. We rejoice with you for Joey’s company as well as expertise. It looks like sweet fellowship.

    Marcia White

  7. We are so proud of you guys and so thankful to the Lord for how well you have been able to grasp the language. Love you all and can’t wait to see you in a few more weeks or so!

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