The Lehmans Came to Visit

Two weeks ago, as we returned from our medical evacuation, the Lehmans flew in for a visit. We had SUCH a great time of fellowship with them!

The kids played:We went to the waterfall:

Spent time with people:

Helped house projects get done for the Mitchells:
And (SUPER AWESOME!) our kids had slumber parties – so each couple got a date!  During the Lehman’s date, we did a plasma car race:
We miss them already!

6 thoughts on “The Lehmans Came to Visit”

  1. Dear Cass and Zach,
    We are thankful that God allowed for the Lehman’s to come and visit you! What a gift…for your kids, your marriage and for your friendship.

    Erica for the Roberts

  2. What a beautiful gift friendship is. Praising the Lord for your opportunity to enjoy it. Com muito amor, Cleiton & Elly

  3. So glad they could come and visit you, sounds like you had a good time, even the kids. Date night what fun, God is good. The water falls looked like everyone was enjoying it. So glad it cools off in the evening for youGod bless you as you work for him.🌈✝️

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