Start speaking Ndoglish today!

Today we add a new chapter (albeit a small one) to the world of speaking English in such a way as to make it sound like a another language. There’s Spanglish, Italglish, Japanglish, Brazinglish (for those—not you—who think the official language of Brazil is Brazilian), and many others. And now there is Ndoglish. (Not to be confused with “Doglish,” which is evidently a thing for those wanting to communicate with their pets.)

Here is how to start speaking beginning Ndoglish. There are only two simple rules.

  1. Add -ko to the end of the subject.
  2. Add -ote to the end of the main verb.

That’s all there is to it. You’ll be speaking English like a person from our village in no time.

So for example, if you wanted to say, “Oliver enjoys eating fried bananas,” in Ndoglish, you’d simply follow the rules and end up with…

Oliverko enjoysote eating fried bananas.

In doing so, you’ve properly marked the subject and given the verb a very standard present 2/3rd-person ending. Though the people here may still not understand your sentence, they’ll know you’re trying! Maybe try saying the sentence louder and slower… that always helps!

Ready for some more complicated rules? Well, in that case, it’s time to apply Ndo word order to your English. Try sticking your verb at the end of the sentence like Yoda.

Oliverko eating fried bananas enjoysote.


Keep practicing and we can practice our Ndoglish together later this year when we’re back on furlough. Let the Ndoglish comments commence!

4 thoughts on “Start speaking Ndoglish today!”

    1. Just for you, Ingrid. Here is the sentence, “I am doing well,” in Ndoglatin: Ondonay etengmay otenoyay!

  1. Emma the doglish on Jake putote.
    Jakeko go for walk excitedote but Jakeko doglish hatesote.
    The doglishko uncomfortable isote. : )
    Iko just with the rules messingote. There’s no no crying in Baseball and there’s no”but” in Ndo. Doglish??? I thought it was funny.

    Missing and praying for you all.

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