Mummy in Mawerero

When I was in high school, I remember my calculus teacher coming into class with a very somber look on his face. He was usually not one for showing such emotion. He said, “Even though we have not left the country for sometime, my wife has been diagnosed with a very common Egyptian disease. It affects her emotions, makes her nauseous, and will only continue to grow.” Then he paused. “And after nine months, she’ll become a MUMMY!” No doubt one of the scariest birth announcements I have ever heard. Good calculus teacher though.

You’ve probably already guessed the reason for such an anecdote. Cassidy is, Lord-willing, going to become a mummy again sometime in December. As of writing this, she is nearly 8 weeks along. Praise the Lord!

We’re not only writing to share the good news, but also to ask you to pray! When we found out we were at once overjoyed and confused about what to do next. In America, we just schedule appointments for ultrasounds, check-ups, blood tests, etc. But here? After some email exchanges with some missionary clinics, we found out that protocol here is pretty much the same… except that the doctors and ultrasound techs are a helicopter ride away. That can make for pretty expensive monthly check-ups.

God has graciously provided us with a way to get Cassidy to her first check-up. Our friends in Mibu (just a couple mountains east of us) are using a helicopter next week and were so kind to make space for Cassidy in the midst of their supply runs. The plan is to have her fly out on Monday, April 24th and then return just two days later on the 26th. Her first prenatal appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25th at a clinic run by New Tribes Mission. Pray for Cassidy and baby Cann. Pray that God would continue to keep them both healthy.

Jude, Oliver, and I will not be going along. Pray for Cassidy as she receives the news about our baby—whether good or bad—without me by her side. We know that the Lord is good, and we’ve experienced his kindness and presence in healthy pregnancies and miscarriages. We’ve found God to be wholly trustworthy in heartbeats and heartbreak. Pray for God’s grace for Cassidy as she goes.

Pray for me as I stay and try to hold down the fort, parent our boys, and cook a few meals in her absence. As I see it, it shouldn’t be too hard… it’ll be nigh impossible. It amazes me that Cassidy is homeschooling Jude, cooking meals, handling our logistics, and finding time to learn the Ndo language on top of being pregnant with all the “energy” that usually comes with the first trimester. She is an excellent wife and mother and we will miss her every second she is gone.

Please be praying for future appointments. We’re not sure how many Cassidy will have to have. Pray God will give us wisdom as we navigate pregnancy in the Finisterre Mountains, which is uncharted territory for us.

Lord-willing, our baby will be born in Arizona before Christmas. We bought our furlough tickets this week. The plan is to arrive in Phoenix on October 14th. Pray that Cass would have a healthy pregnancy with no complications so that we can travel home at this time. Thanks for rejoicing with us in this new life God has given!

14 thoughts on “Mummy in Mawerero”

  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! Thanking God for all He is doing in and through you both. Praying for a safe trip for Cass, a sweet day on Monday for you and the boys while Cass is gone, for good news at the ultrasound (and for peace and comfort as you wait for the report) and for a healthy pregnancy!

    We are SO excited to see you all when you arrive in AZ in October!!!!

    The Roberts Family

  2. Congratulations to you all! May you sense God carrying you along, lovingly attentive to each detail of your lives. I pray His gracious provisions for a healthy pregnancy, in every way.

  3. Thanks for sharing so that we can pray together for Cass and baby Cann! Praising God for new life, knowing that it is by His will and power. I can tell, Zach, that even though you’ve made flight arrangements for a particular time that would seem to be the “right time” for little Cann to come into this world from his current safe spot, you are ultimately putting your trust in Him! Thanks for this example and encouragement.

    We love you guys!!

  4. This is very happy news. I hope your 3rd is as much a blessing as my 3rd is (Kiki Hantla)! I will never stop praying for you and your precious family and God’s direction each step of the way. <3

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