Going Places

Since we have only taken one break since moving, we had some extra saved in our break budget. We and the Lehmans decided to go to the closest 1st world place – Brisbane! And bonus – we found a free place to stay (thank you Campbells!)

Like Zach said in our email update, it is like traveling in time. From waterfalls and trails to escalators and man-made beaches, from huts and fires to malls and air conditioning… it was quite an experience for us all – especially our boys who have very few memories from America. Although it seems like we are world-travellers, our boys’ worlds are very small – contained almost completely on a small ridge in the mountains… with an occasional exciting trip to town!

Besides all that, two things from our break stand out as very sweet – 1. Having tons of sweet fellowship with the Lehmans, and 2. Going to a church! We were in Brisbane for two Sundays and were able to worship with a whole group of believers.

Okay, here are the pics:

(The picture above is Oliver driving a little go-cart – he was hilarious always distracted by things around and beside him and not keeping his eyes on the road.)

We flew out with our visitors – Joey, Brooke, and Marietta Tartaglia and Kerena Corder.

Then we were reunited with the Lehmans – we love them so much! First, sweet Lorie had a small birthday celebration for Jude and Knox (since we weren’t together for their birthdays):

Then we flew out of Madang:

Our kids did great traveling:Except for the motion sickness:

One of our supporters sent money so we could all go out to eat on them:



Dolphin shows: Ninja turtles:

The Gallery of Modern Art (yay for free things!).  (Yes, sometimes my kids wear their swimsuits to museums if I know we are swimming afterward…) This exhibit had live birds:

When Jude first saw the ocean and the waves, he just stared and walked slowly toward it like he was in a trance. (The beach we visit in Madang is in a bay so no waves.) He was very cautious, but LOVED jumping in the waves all morning:

Oliver was too scared to go in the water much.

We had a great time with the Lehmans and yet are thankful to be back in the village and are ready for our next stint!

Zach and Jeremy before our heli in:

10 thoughts on “Going Places”

  1. What great photos! Like, the kangaroo . . . How wonderful that you and the Lehman family could vacation together.

  2. So wonderful to see pics of everyone having some well deserved time off. I love all of you and cannot wait to see you this fall. Love Mom

  3. I am moved by your faith and obedience! And, what progress to not see tears from Oliver when it was time to board the heli!
    Love you guys!!

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